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What is AURA? Pure radiance. It's in all of us. Indivisible and permanent..... When the time came to give our hotel a name, we thought about it for a long time, plunging headlong into the world of ideas and associations. After all, the name should not only convey content, but also meanings. This is how "AURA" appeared. We would like every guest to feel the AURA of hospitality of our hotel. A special energy and its AURA in every corner of the cozy and stylish space: in the rooms - AURA of tranquility

and comfort, at breakfast - an AURA of flavors and aromas, in the lounge bar - an AURA of relaxation and peace. Every hotel for travelers is a temporary home. And the guest's desire to return again depends on what kind of AURA he feels in it. We have created our "AURA" so that the stay in it would be comfortable for business tourists, avid travelers, large delegations, and the youngest guests.

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60 лет Октября 26 А
460021 Оренбург


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